Modern Townhome Living with Lavish Outdoor Retreats.

Stemming from your expansive Briar Towns suite and branching out across the prestigious Bayview Village neighbourhood, you’ll quickly uncover little things that make all the difference. Arrive from the subway, GO train or nearby highways and find yourself in a community that truly values excellence. Stroll through pristine greenery. Peruse the haute couture shopping centre. Indulge in gourmet dining. Enter Briar Towns and discover the Bayview Village way of life. Modernity within tranquility. Comfort through innovation. Interior designs that open your eyes to new possibilities.

Briar Towns

Luxury in a townhome

The 58 family-oriented Townhouses do not shy away from luxury. Briar Towns will have a very modern appeal with spacious living areas and beautifully landscaped scenery by Landscape Architects Nak Design Strategies.



Good Convenience

Although Briar Towns are not in the downtown area, don’t worry about commuting and getting around Toronto. Briar Towns features a 81 Walk Score and a 71 Transit Score, which actually makes it easy for running errands and commuting to work and play. There are all sorts of amenities close by, and you wouldn’t have to go too far from home to live your daily life. The townhomes are reasonable close to the 401 and 404 junction, which makes travelling around the GTA very accessible.



Briar Towns features executive townhomes and modern townhomes. Modern Townhomes start from the $600’s, and the Executive Townhomes start at $1,200,000.

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Floorplan Preview

Unit 632.52110$1384900View
Unit 83-42.5-3.52168$1449900View
Unit 1043.52358$1589900View
Unit 1243.52333$1619900View
Unit 13-42.5-3.52110$1449900View
Unit 232.52110$1384900View
Unit 332.52110$1384900View
Unit 43-42.5-3.52082$1429900View
Unit 53-42.5-3.52082$1429900View
Unit 732.52110$1384900View
Unit 943.52413$1649900View
Unit 1143.52333$1599900View
Unit 1343.52357$1649900View
Unit 1443.52461$1699900View
Unit 153-42.5-3.52168$1449900View
Unit 1632.52110$1384900View
Unit 1732.52110$1384900View
Unit 183-42.5-3.52082$1429900View
Unit 193-42.5-3.52082$1429900View
Unit 2032.52110$1384900View
Unit 2132.52110$1384900View
Unit 223-42.5-3.52168$1449900View
Unit 2343.52261$1589900View
Unit 2443.52195$1499900View
Unit 2543.52199$1529900View
Unit 2643.52199$1559900View
Unit 2743.52195$1559900View
Unit 2843.52290$1645900View

Property Features

  • Prestige Townhomes
  • Modern Townhomes
  • Bayview Village
  • Close to the Subway
  • Proximity to Highway 401