Set in the heart of Niagara, close to Niagara Falls, Fonthill and St. Catharines, is this beautiful new subdivision. The opportunities for urban expansion are no longer focused in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, or Niagara-on-the-Lake, but rather in municipalities such as Thorold, Port Colborne and Fort Erie. There are plenty of development opportunities above the escarpment, providing developers with the opportunity to invest in the area. The Rolling Meadows development in the City of Thorold is representative of this shift. The development features a mixed-residential area with proposed future commercial, industrial and institutional uses. This smart growth is important for the region and has the potential to create a significant amount of jobs.

Providing major amenities to residents

The nearly $1 billion Rolling Meadows development is a huge community expansion for the south end of the City of Thorold. It is being developed in partnership with Great Gulf and long-term involves commercial, employment and residential lands. The development will also feature extensive green spaces, including a trail system on 119 hectares of parkland. Rolling Meadows is designed for all major points of interest in the community to be within a short walk. The entire development consists of almost 400 acres, with several phases of serviced lots in place. Existing serviced lots have frontages of 20’ for town homes, and from 35’ to 50’ for single detached. Unit sizes range from 1,750 sq. ft. to 3,290 sq. ft. and range in price from $439,900 to $635,990.

Sales have been proceeding on a somewhat slow basis, and the majority of the development features future development lands that will not come online until servicing upgrades are performed for the area, given the size of the development and large area involved.

Easy accessibility for residents and businesses

Rolling Meadows has frontage on both Highway 20 and Highway 58. Frontage on Highway 20 will include a number of Highway Commercial zoned lots, while the frontage on Highway 58 (which has been developed), provides the main access route to the development and is largely comprised of greenlands. Rolling Meadows was positioned as close to many likely destinations in Niagara, in an effort to reduce the amount of travel time within the region. In addition to the development’s close proximity to major areas within the Niagara Region, Rolling Meadows is comprised of multiple neighbourhoods, all of which are located within a short walk.


Hub – Located in the centre of the development, it has the traditional atmosphere of a downtown main street.
Homes – Various neighbourhoods providing a multitude of housing options.
Open Space – These neighbourhoods encompass parks, different trail systems, natural heritage features, and open spaces. The neighbourhoods represent 30% of the total Rolling Meadows space.
Employment – Located within the Rolling Meadow development, there will be businesses to provide services and daily amenities to the residents.

Establishing a site for complete communities

Other areas within the Niagara Region, such as St. Catharines, have restrictions on expanding their urban boundaries, and are therefore forced to redevelop existing buildings and centres. A development of the magnitude of Rolling Meadows is not possible within the larger, established cities. Developers have confidence in complete communities, with a mix of residential and commercial development. Residents want to feel safe and inclusive, something that home buyers are looking for more and more, especially families. Smart growth is important in the Niagara Region and the Rolling Meadows development has the potential to create 7,000 jobs.

Rolling Meadows Vision

Rolling Meadows will be a collection of traditional neighbourhoods, nestled together in one master planned community. Once complete, Rolling Meadows will be home to approximately 3500 families.

A generous portion of the community will be dedicated to parks, open green space and woodlot. Two beckoning parks, complete with several playing fields, will flank the main entrance, serving as a welcoming embrace and fostering a healthy atmosphere.A central hub, will be located in the middle of the community and be less than a 10 minute walk from all parts of the community.

More employment areas are placed on the outer band or edges of the community and provide places for many different kinds of businesses from fast food to home building supplies to office buildings. Their activities are removed from the neighbourhoods but still within walking distance while at the same time, are ideally situated along existing major highways and travel routes.

Rolling Meadows Quality Builders

Rolling Meadows will offer many choices of homes through a selected group of quality builders that are well known and respected not just in Niagara, but throughout the province as well. Home buyers will deal directly with their homebuilder of their choice. The first phase of development at Rolling Meadows will offer single family homes on various lot sizes, with plans for a limited supply of townhomes.

All future building will be purely market driven and selections will evolve over time, placing the utmost value in consumer preference. Types of homes may include singles, semis, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, lane product home, gated empty nester neighbourhoods, age in place assisted living as well as transitional care residency.



Property Features

  • Close to Niagara Falls
  • Detached house
  • Townhouse